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Chilli Powder (खुर्सानीको धुलो)

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Chili powder:

Chili powder is a spice made from grinding dried chilies. This spice add spicy flavor to your dishes. It contains a high concentration of capsaicin, which made it more flavorful spice. It can mostly use in soups, stew, curries and of course in chilies, meaty, bean curries, etc. it has a good source of Nutritional benefits, minerals, vitamins. It can act as an anti-inflammatory agent. It prevents acid reflux and kills the bacterium that causes stomach ulcers. The capsaicin helps to revs your metabolism, which increases your fat burning skills. It contains vitamin c which acts as an antioxidant to strengthen the immune system and heal injuries and infections. Keep it in a tightly sealed jar for long lasting flavor. We are providing the best quality of product.

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