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Green Cardamom (सुकुमेल)

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Green Cardamom:

Green cardamom is the most expensive and popular spice featuring green shell and small brown seeds. It has a strong, pungent flavor and aroma, with hints of lemon, mint, and smoke. Ayurveda considered it as a very useful and effective medicine. Typically, use this spice after crushing it. It can enhance the flavor of your varieties of dishes like pulao, curries, biryanis, kebabs, meat, chicken, fish, kheer, phirni, flans, porridge, halwa, etc. It can be used as tea masala because of its strong aroma and taste. You can also add cardamom to coffee, it gives fragrant and festive twist. Cardamom is an ideal spice with many health benefits such as prevents colorectal cancer, protects heart health, antidepressant, prevents gastrointestinal diseases, effective for teeth, etc. Keep it in a tightly sealed jar and stored in a cool, dry and dark place for long lasting flavor. We are providing the best quality of product.


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