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Rahar Daal (रहर दाल) – Non Polished

NPR 175.00

Rahar Daal (रहर दाल):

Rahar daal (रहर दाल) is popularly known as pigeon pea, angola pea, gungo pea, congo-pea, no eye pea, red gram, yellow daal, puerto rico pea, etc. It is widely used form of the lentil. It is used in popular recipes. It tastes delicious when cooked and can be digested easily. It also has a long shelf life. It contains folic acid, essential for foetal development during pregnancy. It has an excellent source of nutrients, plant protein, and dietary fiber.

It also contains carbohydrate, which your body needs for energy. It is useful in reducing the risk of chronic diseases. It also progressly works in hypertension. Pigeon peas contain dietary fiber, potassium and low cholesterol which help to maintain the healthy heart.


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